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John's Sweeper Service & Museum

233 West 3rd Street, Dover, OH, United States
233 West 3rd Street Dover Ohio 44622 US

John’s Sweeper Service was founded in Dover, OH in 2006. Owner John Cadle has more than 15 years’ experience in servicing and repairing vacuum cleaners and cleaning equipment. It is currently located at 233 West 3rd Street in downtown Dover. This space was the former home of Feinberg’s Department Store, Schwartz’s Clothing in 1950, and more recently the Tuscarawas Senior Center.

The history of the vacuum cleaner began before electricity was invented. Housewives and maids had to use brooms or rug beaters to battle the dirt that was in the home. In the 1800’s the pneumatic vacuum cleaner became available which used a system of bellows and valves to draw in air and the dirt with it. A person would have to pump the bellows for the system to work. Because they moved little air they were not very effective. Later came versions that, when pushed, would actuate the bellows and do the same thing. These were commodities for the wealthy upper class…

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