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Erb's Coleman Lantern Museum

Erb's Coleman Museum
Erb's Coleman Museum
A Glimpse
3139 TWSHP RD 155 sugarcreek ohio 44681
3139 Township Road 155 Sugarcreek Ohio 44681 US

Erb began collecting Coleman products more than 32 years ago.

“There was a need to service Coleman lanterns, which the Amish use, along with fishermen,” said Erb. “They would bring them to me to be repaired or they had an old lamp or lantern and would ask me if I wanted it,” Erb said. “I still repair the lanterns and lamps.”

That was how Erb’s collection got started.

There are two floors in the 30 by 60-foot museum, featuring more than 3,000 Coleman items, including actual gas cooking stoves, ice chests, irons, and advertising.

Among the items in the museum are Coleman hot plates, an electric brew (coffee pot), a taste oven and irons, as well as all types of Coleman lamps and lanterns.

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