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Age of Steam Roundhouse

Age of Steam
Age of Steam
Aerial of the Age of Steam Roundhouse
Township Hwy 78, Sugarcreek, OH, United States
768 Seldenright Road Southwest Sugarcreek Ohio 44681 US

Wishing to share with others his passion for the steam locomotive, Jerry Joe Jacobson established the Age of Steam Roundhouse.

The Roundhouse will seek to:

  1. Preserve the steam locomotives, historic diesels, passenger cars and other railroad relics in the collection of Jerry Joe Jacobson
  2. Construct a full-scale, operating and realistic roundhouse and back shop to overhaul, repair and maintain Jerry’s rolling stock
  3. Fire-up and operate the steam locomotives on non-passenger carrying freight trains
  4. Display and interpret this railroad heritage for the edification, enlightenment and entertainment of future generations of Americans

The Age of Steam Roundhouse is an operating roundhouse. It is now open to the general public for tours. Please visit their website for more information.

Age of Steam 5 years ago
Aerial of the Age of Steam Roundhouse 5 years ago
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